What's New

IceWarp Server 9 is a newly designed communication solution built upon the familiar Merak Mail Server technology. New add-ons are introduced for the first time and existing subsystems were enhanced for closer integration, increased performance and usability.

WebMail Pro

AJAX based Web 2.0 application
S/MIME email encryption
Server-side account rules
ASpell spell checker
Fully in Unicode

VoIP Telephony

SIP protocol based telephony subsystem
Integration to WebMail and Outlook Connector
SIP SIMPLE instant messaging protocol

SyncML Server

Cross-plaform, universal solution
Integration with GroupWare
PDO abstraction layer
Near zero configuration

CalDAV Server

The missing sync for Mozilla Lightning, Google Calendar
WebDAV, CalDAV, GroupDAV protocols
SyncML, vCard and LDAP technologies
gzip compression and other enhancements
Fully in Unicode

Full Unicode (UTF-8) Support

Administration Console, WebMail, Outlook Connector
Account and folder names
GroupWare items and email
SpamAssassin rules
Filters, Rules

API Enhancements

Remote API connections
Run Command and Capture Output
Clean and simplified syntax
SQL query filters support
Set SSL versions for server and client connections
Backup and restore through command line tool

Server Engine Enhancements

Multi-threaded MDA mode
MDA queue for internal delivery
Force remote connection via Remote Administration Console
DB Migration tool- transaction support
DB Migration tool redesign
Active Directory synchronization
Synchronization of arbitrary DN
Synchronization of GroupWare contacts through LDAP
LDAP logging support
XML-driven component installer
Web-enabled, lightweight installer
UDP Notification messages engine
Remote account management enhanced
Archive Outgoing messages
Option to add Return-Path header in SMTP Delivery
Number of Total connections for all services
Disk space monitor supports full paths and disk names
Session status indicator
Templates: global, default, domain
Templates - Inheritance and Merge
Mailing list membership in user's properties
Password policy - Number of alpha characters
Login policy- Block account for specified amount of time.
Login policy- Do not block and delay authentication-
Traffic charts history
Content filter new actions
Color IMAP message flags

Anti-Spam Enhancements

Quarantine Management and Spam Reports
Multi-threaded RegEx engine for SpamAssassin
UTF-8 rules for SpamAssassin
SpamAssassin Rule Statistics
DKIM, DomainKeys and domain literals
WL/BL Learn Rules
IM roaster bypass feature
New PDF rules
Body filter- No intermediate server in Recieved header
Support for extended RBL server responses
Greylisting Owner mode
B/W lists improvements
Bypass rule for local senders/domain
Quarantine - Deliver removed messages to mailbox as spam

IM Server Enhancements

Complete IM and SMTP integration
Support for "xmpp:" URL in Rules and Content Filters
IM and GroupWare integration
Service Status Monitoring
Shared calendars support
Latest XEP implemetation and conformance testings
Privacy Lists
IM Roaster Autowhitelisting
Server-to-server communication improvements
GoogleTalk Support
Shared Domain Roaster

GroupWare Enhancements

Improved compatibility with Outlook items
Improved compatibility with SyncML data types
Import/export multiple user data
Group members synchronization with Contacts folder

SyncML Server

VoIP Telephony Integration
Email account settings
Remove Duplicates button to remove any possible duplicated messages
Automatic time zone adjustment to computer clock
Import/export user data to XML file
Proxy server settings
Support for color IMAP message flags

Web Server Enhancements

Apache mod_rewrite support
Thread pooling
Content-Encoding: gzip
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Active checkbox for Virtual hosts