WebMail Pro

Feature complete yet easy to use, WebMail Pro stands for web access to email, calendars, contacts, files and shared data from any computer with browser and internet connection, without the usual configuration hassle. Thanks to advanced technologies and application-like look and feel, Pro suggests it was born to become the ultimate replacement of Outlook and similar desktop mail clients.

Great for workers on the move, easy to maintain desktops, fast and low cost deployment.

Zero config
With nothing to configure, it is suited for roaming between Wifi networks and mobile data access. At the same time it will also bypass port 25 blocking/forwarding by many ISP networks. User settings can be pre-configured so that users can start working right away. Everything is stored on the server for the administrator to make any adjustments in production, without accessing the particular computer. On arrival to a different time zone nothing but adjusting the computer's clock is required.
  • Auto login
  • Password recovery
  • Automatic timezone adjustment
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  • Spam management
  • Search in contacts, appointments, e-mail
  • ASpell spell checker
Thanks to full IMAP support, WebMail can reflect exactly the same state as user's standard desktop client, with messages marked read, flagged and sorted to user folders, outgoing organized in Sent folder and Spam folder cleaned up. User can store important files on the server, share and synchronize documents. Rich text message composer with autosave and spell checker can serve as a convenient notepad.
  • 100% IMAP compatible
  • Public/private file folders for backup

WebMail Pro delivers better user experience as ever before, given by pure Web 2.0 design. With complete UTF-8 support, international businesses no longer need to deal with message encoding issues- from French to Japanese, any and all languages are available at once. Automatic sign-on, periodical email checking, search, sorting, flagging and image preview will make it the favorite interface for mail management.
  • Auto save to Drafts
  • Auto check for new messages with sound
  • Auto empty trash on exit
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  • Save All attachments to Zip

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  • SSL end-to-end security, SHA1 encrypted passwords
  • Strict XML client-server communication protocol
Designed by experts in secure messaging and powered by next generation technology on server side, WebMail Pro is resistant to attacks, communicates securely, encrypts individual messages, protects user data and leaves no track on client computer at all. Organizations finally don't have to make the choice between effectivity and privacy concerns.
  • S/MIME - digitally sign/validate a message
  • No cookies or caches on client side
  • Toggle show/hide image attachments

WebMail is using server database backend as a highly effective cache to decrease response time, while engaging special techniques on the client end to transfer processing load from server to client. The speed is comparable to desktop email clients even for thousands of messages and slow connections.. Client application is downloaded only once, then there is no more waiting for a screen refresh- AJAX technology simply takes care of the rest.
  • Responsive interface
  • Less server resource consumption
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  • Multiple accounts
  • Unlimited subfolders in folder tree

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  • Public/shared IMAP accounts
  • CSS2/XML based skin support
Close integration with IceWarp Server makes for literally endless possibilities of future extensions. For start, full Outlook and smartphone synchronization has been implemented. There are already spam management features, VoIP number direct dial, file repositories and many wonderful details such as IMAP compatible flagging or access to planned events from within Instant Messenger. For other company systems, there's login integration kit for intranet or web portals, along with CSS2 based skin support for custom branding of every single UI element.
  • Full GroupWare integration
  • VoIP - dial a contact number via SIP
  • IMAP flags and labels