WebMail GroupWare Integration

Should you be travelling or roaming through the office building, you always have an easy and fast way to organize your calendar and groupware data. Just use the webmail interface and work with the very same data as if you were in your office using your daily organizer tools.

Mail, Contacts, Calendaring

WebMail GroupWare interface allows users to keep PIM information accessible through an intuitive "Outlook-like" interface. Its user friendly design enables you to manage events, appointments, tasks and notes, switching back and forth to email and contacts. Multiple calendar views help users to organize their calendar data more easily. Users can also select sets of holidays to be displayed in separate views.

  • Address Books
  • Day / week / month calendar views
  • Year calendar view (WebMail Basic)
  • Agenda list
  • Holidays / Organization-wide events
  • Reminders sent by email
  • Public mail folders

GroupWare integration in WebMail Pro Intuitive inteface of WebMail Pro can fully replace desktop calendaring applications.

WebMail Pro Only

New WebMail comes with intuitive drag & drop calendaring, enhanced compatibility with Outlook items and Free/Busy planning.

  • Drag & Drop calendar event positioning and resizing
  • Color labels compatible with Outlook
  • Free/busy status view even for un-authorized users
  • Working hours auto scrolling
  • Event recurrence and exceptions

Complete Sharing Capabilities

Any GroupWare item can be shared with everybody or defined group, in an incredibly easy way just like in Outlook. Privacy is protected by multiple sharing levels and access priviligies.

  • Private/public/shared items
  • Groups, Friends, access privileges
  • Events & Appointments
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Distribution Lists (WebMail Pro)
  • Files, Journals (WebMail Pro)

Sharing features require GroupWare license.

GroupWare integration in WebMail Basic
Also WebMail Basic offers good level of GroupWare integration.