Web Server

Own implementation of Apache compatible web server with IIS-like configuration, written from scratch and fine-tuned for best results right out of the box. Web Server comes packaged with default Mail Server installation and is primarily used for serving WebMail. This means it is designed to handle thousands of active users with frequent page refreshes (WebMail Basic) and even the latest technologies like AJAX (WebMail Pro).

PHP5, DHTML, ASP, Servlets and more

This image is also served by IceWarp Web Server Multiple sites can run at once, such as company intranet, website, wiki, forum, CRM and other applications, just like in IceWarp offices around the world.

All-purpose, Scalable, Powerful

It doesn't end with just WebMail. Using Virtual Hosts, multiple sites can be run at once. In cluster environments and ISP installations, web service can be distributed to several machines to scale to the actual traffic. Extensive URI rewrite rulesets allow you to take full control of website behavior.

  • WebDAV allows access to and sharing of large files
  • Directory content listing support
  • Directory Aliases
  • Path, Protocol and Hostname Redirects
  • URI RegEx Rewrite as in Apache mod_rewrite
  • Server Variable Flag in Rewrite for sophisticated functionality

PHP, HTTP Proxy, Perl

Developers will appreciate server-side scripting, precompiled PHP 5.2.3 with extensions for WebMail, ISAPI, (FAST)CGI, all fully tested within PHP, Perl and ASP. For compatibility with other servers, there can be an independent PHP installation on the same machine.

  • Free with IceWarp Server license
  • Advanced SSI (Server-Side Scripting)
  • Extensions support (ISAPI, CGI, FASTCGI)
  • Built-in HTTP Proxy with AntiVirus screening

Speed, Security, Logging

Speed and security, combined with solid robustness and portability, make it the ideal solution for your site hosting, regardless of its size or technology. Any business can benefit from its advanced options, keeping the maintenance costs to minimum. Administrator has full activity monitoring options, with the possibility to engage W3C compliant logging for detailed traffic analysis using standard software tools.

  • Multiple Virtual Hosts
  • Speed Optimizations
  • RFC features: Transfer-Encoding Chunked, Content Encoding gzip
  • Solid Security
  • IP Access Restrictions
  • HTTPS with 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Server Certificate Management
  • Detailed W3C Logging in addition to service logging