Server Traffic Tool

SMTP Server Performance Testing

Server Traffic Tool simulates traffic load to any mail server via SMTP protocol. It was developed to proove the great performance of IceWarp Mail Server. Basic test consist of sending 50 messages with size of 500kB, 100 messages of 25kB and 350 messages of 1kB (message samples are included with the download archive).

Variable Settings

Tester can modify preset amounts of messages and also source of these messages can be changed to send 1MB messages for instance. Default values are optimized for fast and reliable comparison tests.

Web Server Performance Testing

Web server can be tested via HTTP protocol. Tester only needs to define hostname and test file.Again, default values should be enough to obtain reliable data to evaluate performance of the server.

POP3 Performance Testing

For a specified hostname and list of user accounts, this tool will perform POP3 operations as specified by the the number of requests, threads and the usage of LIST, RETR a DELE commands.