Server Migration Tool

Zero downtime Migration Tool provided free of charge makes migration from any solution a simple process. Transfers accounts (with passwords!) and mailboxes with no disruption to the traffic, not letting a single message slip through or get delayed. No more export-import hassle. Compatible with any mail server.

Goodbye legacy, hello future!

Universal, platform and vendor independent migration tool. Universal Migration tool transfers accounts, passwords and messages in one step.

Universal Server Migration Tool

Migration Tool is a free tool that allows you to migrate all domains, users and their email messages from any 3rd party mail server to IceWarp Server. Zero downtime migration tool allows for server consolidation without any disruption to e-mail traffic. Clients don't need to reconfigure their settings or retype any information. Their existing passwords will just unleash new functionalities and services.

  • Accounts migrated
  • Domains migrated
  • Email messages migrated
  • From ANY 3rd party mail server

Migration Considerations

The biggest challenge for email administrators today is moving users from one email server to another. Connectivity between servers must be maintained and user account information transferred. Disasters can occur, and often do, if this is not done correctly. Universal Server Migration Tool takes all the worries out of the process!

Smart Proxy Approach

Migration Tool uses a smart Proxy approach by gathering all user account and mail information not from the original storage, but indirectly by acting as a POP3/IMAP4 Proxy Gateway. The whole process is smooth, error-free and completely transparent to users.

  • POP3 / IMAP4 accounts
  • Zero server down-time or service interruption
  • WebMail support
  • Automatic information gathering

Simple and User-Friendly

With just a few clicks you can migrate any 3rd party mail server running on Internet or in local LAN to your new IceWarp Server installation. The process can be monitored as it progresses and full logging is available for future reference. Batch migration of multiple accounts from CSV files is also possible.

  • Monitoring capabilities
  • Migration logs
  • Bulk batch migration