Product Highlights

Technical Specifications

Open Internet Standards compliant, RFC aware. Protocols: SMTP/ESMTP, IMAPv4 incl. PUSH via IDLE command, POP3/SPOP3, APOP, HTTP(S), FTP(S) with OTP/S-Key, OpenLDAP, SIP, SIP SIMPLE, Jabber/XMPP, HTTP Proxy, TLS/SSL 128-bit for all services, IPv6 incl. AAAA DNS records, SNMPv2, WebDAV, GroupDAV, CalDAV, SyncML 1.1, OMA DS 1.2, implements iCal, vCal, vCard, vNote, vFreeBusy formats, quoted/base64 encoding, Unicode (UTF-8), SHA1/MD5/DigestMD5 RSA encryption methods

Unlimited Domains

Unlike other competing solutions, domains are unlimited in every version of the product. This is crucial for certain types of deployment which don't require to establish email accounts within the domain, such as backup servers, spam filtering gateways, DomainKeys secured application servers, ETRN or relaying servers.
It's not exceptional to have thousands of domains established on one server.

  • Unlimited domain support, domain aliases and other special types
  • Subdomain handling
  • Standard, Backup, Distributed, Domain Alias, ATRN/ETRN Queue Client/Server
  • Domain templates
  • One IP address for multiple domains or Domain IP logical binding to multiple IPs
  • Domain listing and management options
  • Domain administrators
  • Archive incoming/all by copy/move to mailbox
  • Definable unknown users handling
  • Domain specific Header and Footer (HTML/text)
  • DomainPOP with Smart Sorting

Special Account Types

Moderated list servers, public accounts or groups are usually available only in flagship mail server products. IceWarp Server comes with many special account types that enhance its functionality beyond limits. Data are stored in caching filesystem or in a database, which allows hosting of up to 10,000 accounts per server.

  • User with multiple aliases
  • Group
  • Mailing list (Moderated, Digest)
  • List server
  • Executable
  • Remote POP account with deduplication feature
  • Static Route
  • File Catalog
  • Notification with split/filter/add headers/SMS conversion
  • Password protection of non-user accounts
  • Professional file system caching storage or DB storage, one-click conversion
  • Mailbox path alphabetical sorting improving performance
  • User templates, password generator
  • Import/export of accounts and domains
  • Import accounts from Windows, NT Server, Domain Controller
  • Integrate and Synchronize users to Active Directory or LDAP compatible server
  • Quota- mailbox size, message size, msgs sent per day
  • Automatic Mailbox Pruning
  • Autoresponders

Unprecedented Extensibility Options

Above a neat API, scripting engine and command line interpreter, any external process can be called under specified OS user account upon delivery to executable account, based on filter, rule, white or black list, static route action, on schedule, or on service start/stop.

  • Standard COM object model
  • Developer friendly, open, server-side API
  • Scripting of just about any action
  • Direct interfaces to Delphi, Visual C, Visual Basic
  • Reuse any data created on-the-fly in database
  • Command line utility/interpreter
  • Remote connection support over RPC
  • Group commands and SQL query filters support
  • User and System variables as input in GUI
  • 3rd party Control Panels