Archivation, Backup Recovery, Filtering

Backup and Recovery

Backup your server settings and accounts regularly with an automatic schedule, or manually with a single click of a button. Restoring your system is as quick and simple as the backup. Backups use special compression algorithms, designed specifically for mail server data, not so computing intensive to prevent slowdowns but still highly efficient to minimize occupied space.

  • One-click manual Backup and Restore
  • Scheduled Backup
  • Incremental Backup
  • Log Backup to track down server activity
  • Backup all or any subset of data, settings, accounts
  • Possibility to include external directories
  • Remote fileserver connectivity
  • Backup GroupWare data by mirroring the DB, using backup tools or to a file
  • User can backup Outlook GroupWare data to quickly restore PSTs


All communication can be archived for administrative and legal purposes. To comply with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act, there's server-side message archive with rotation and backup. Afterwards the archives can be automatically deleted after a specified number of days, or kept indefinitely. Messages are saved as files in a tree folder structure, which makes the restore just a matter of extracting content of archives to a selected IMAP folder and they are immediately available for audit.

  • Archivation utility with archive rotation, backup, scheduling
  • Archive all, only sent, only recieved messages
  • Forward or save incoming/outgoing copies to e-mail for revision
  • Password protected backup of deleted messages


Internal communication policies can be easily enforced by usage limits and advanced filtering and content scanning methods, eliminating undesirable content. Actions taken upon discovering infringement include deleting or forwarding the message, notifying administrator, running external processes or banning the sender.

  • Server/domain/group/user level quota and limits
  • Message processing Rules
  • Content Indexing- block messages based on number of duplicates received
  • Extensive Content Filters with RegEx support
  • Flexible, customizable filters scan message content for keywords and phrases
  • Execute application action
  • SQL statement action allows to use own DB, make queries, insert statements
  • External filters (command, script, function)
  • Blacklisting, Whitelisting (Server/Domain/Group/User level)
  • Redirection/Forwarding/Header Rewrite