High Availability

High availability, load-balancing and failover features make it possible to deploy a high-traffic, high-load, multiple server communication system and establish virtually limitless number of accounts and domains.
User accounts can be synchronized with Active Directory or any other LDAP-based directory service, to mirror accounts from an NT Domain Controller for example.

  • Active Directory Integration
  • Professional file system caching storage or DB account storage
  • Load-balancing / full failover configuration support
  • Backup and recovery to remote file servers
  • Server Monitoring- disk space, memory, CPU utilization (e-mail and IM alerts)
  • Service Watchdogs (restart service if down)
  • Remote Server Watchdog (notifies of remote server failures/changes, monitors IP, host, URL)
  • Distributed services
  • Filesystem optimizations
  • Enhanced memory architecture
  • SMP Multiprocessor and multi-core CPU support
  • MDA Mode/Processing Queues for high-traffic servers
  • DNS Smart Cache to process 1000s of queries per second
  • TCP/IP Tunneling front-end for VPN-like functionality
  • Network time synchronization
  • Daytime server

Database Storage

Database holds accounts, lists, queues, logs and other data which are frequently accessed throughout server operation. This allows independent backups and reuse of stored information from within external applications. Further it servers as backend for GroupWare and cache for WebMail Live. Opting for a high-performance RDBMS is therefore crucial from 500 accounts per server. Dedicated DB server should be deployed for thousands of accounts and large GroupWare repositories. The exact requirements of course depend on traffic and user activity. Any of the below mentioned engines can be recommended.

  • Multi-threaded native ODBC compliant driver for MS SQL, Interbase, Oracle, FireBird
  • User installable mySQL, SQLite, or ODBC 64-bit driver
  • Holds accounts, lists, queues, logs, any reusable operational data
  • Backup database connection for extra redundancy
  • Database Migration (Accounts/Anti-Spam/GroupWare..)
  • Migrate between any supported DB engines with a mouse-click
  • Transactions support migrates 1000s of records within seconds

Example of a high-availability server setup Example of a high-available server configuration, with HW load-balancer and distributed services. Smaller machines are failover servers.