Outlook GroupWare Connector

GroupWare Connector is a light-weight yet powerful plug-in to MS Outlook which syncs all client's data to GroupWare server. It supports all the features of Outlook that would otherwise require an Exchange server for virtually the same functionality. Every item can be published or shared with little configuration effort.

Make VoIP calls directly from the company phonebook!

Outlook Connector installed within Outlook 2007 GroupWare Connector is compatible with the latest Outlook 2007. User can synchronize all data, dial numbers through VoIP Server, manage AutoResponders, change password..

Unleash the Full Power of Outlook

Comprehensive support of Outlook features means that all administrative tasks can be accomplished from one place. The plug-in allows users to manage e-mail and GroupWare data via MS Outlook client, and vice-versa, to propagate information synchronized with the Outlook using 3rd party applications to the GroupWare server and subsequently to other interfaces (WebMail, smartphone). To name just one of the new features, now there's automatic time zone detection which means you can roam with the connector around the world and there will be no conflicts- other users will see your appointments in their local time.

  • Free/Busy options for event scheduling, attendees arrangement
  • Published events automatically show owner as Busy
  • SIP Server integration allows to dial directly from Contacts
  • iCalendar format for exchanging meeting requests
  • Supports Event Recurrence with Exceptions
  • Color labels distinguish appointment types
  • Completely in Unicode, it's compatible with localized Outlook versions
  • Public shared folders synchronization and management
  • Dedupe button removes any possible message duplicates
  • Account settings: change password, create rules, set auto-responder, forwarder
  • Automatic time zone adjustment to computer clock
  • Easy to use, simple interface, context help
  • Digitally signed Vista certified application

Full Compatibility

GroupWare Connector allows users to view the complete GroupWare structure via MS Outlook Client and vice versa, any folder structure created within Outlook is reflected in GroupWare Server. Its repository now supports every Outlook item allowing to use all Outlook features to the limit.

  • Appointments
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Distribution Lists
  • Journals
  • Reminders
  • Attachments
  • Attendees
  • Anniversaries
  • Notifications
  • Locations
  • Recurrent Events, Exceptions

How It Works

Outlook Connector performs a two-way sync between Outlook items and GroupWare database. Unlike other solutions the plug-in makes it possible for users to manage the entries off-line and synchronize all changes manually when convenient or back online. Synchronization process can be started automatically and set to run in background, keeping the items always in sync and letting the user work without distraction. Gzip data compression and transaction access to database makes synchronization of thousands of entries a snap.

  • Works in off-line mode
  • Manual synchronization
  • Automatic background synchronization
  • Scheduled synchronization
  • Speed optimizations- gzip streams, transaction DB access

Did You Know?

  • Integrates with default personal folder (one PST file), easy PST recovery
  • Allows subscription to unlimited number of resources (accounts, folders..)
  • Supports any folder structure that can be created in Outlook
  • Keeps the folder structure the same in WebMail and Outlook
  • Can be configured from Outlook or WebMail or both
  • Compatibility with Exchange objects enables full migration from Exchange