FTP Server

Standards compliant, SSL secured, high-performance FTP server, taking advantage of user access groups and policies already established in mail server. Instant deployment- simply divide existing users into groups and provide them with access rights to particular folders. Data center administrators will appreciate the built-in auto-sync and scheduling features to set timed file transfers, e.g. to keep the same data across cluster or swap logs, archives and backups to remote storage.

Integrated for single sign-on and instant deployment.

FTP Server is compatible with any FTP client available Thanks to exact implementation of standards, any FTP client will give great results.

Powerful and Fully Featured

IceWarp FTP Server comes complete with all the features you would expect from an FTP solution, plus many more.

  • Multiple FTP Hosts
  • Users and user Groups with rich options
  • Aliases
  • Download & upload bandwidth limits
  • Directory permissions
  • Advanced security features
  • FTP Server Synchronization
  • IP Restriction
  • Logging and traffic charting


Business critical documents and copyrighted material deserve the best available protection. Incoming and outgoing connections are implicitly secured from the beginning by using SSL/TLS. The client can explicitly request an encrypted connection at the start of the session. Authentication is secured with the OTP/S-KEY system (one-time passwords) to protect against passive attacks based on replaying captured reusable passwords.

  • 128-bit SSL/TLS in Implicit and Explicit mode
  • OTP/S-KEY Authentication
  • IP-based Access Control

Server Synchronization

Server synchronization is a comprehensive feature for scheduled automatic file or directory synchronization. It's the most easiest and secured way to mirror backup files or all messages to a different location.

  • HTTP, FTP or LAN directory sources
  • Recursive synchronization
  • Suitable for cluster environments
  • Straightforward calendar dialog prevents errors

Integration Benefits

User, Group or Domain can be given access to FTP server within seconds. Users keep their existing username/password combination and even have their own FTP space on the server associated with their username. Administrators can monitor the system as a whole, with advanced logging, monitoring and traffic charting options. System Variables greatly ease the task of customization.

  • Instant Deployment Advantage
  • Same username/password combination
  • Path variables including $$homedir$$ (for user's folder)
  • One-place administration
  • Logging, service monitoring, user activity and statistics