IDP Packager and Viewer

Command line archivation tool

IDP (IceWarp Data Package) is data format used by IceWarp Server for storing data (backup, installation files). Now installed by default and ready to use immediatelly after installation.

IDP Packager is a simple freeware tool for data compression and archivation without the need for any other software such as WinZip, WinRAR, etc. compatible with IDP format. It is easy to use and the compression format was designed directly by IceWarp.

IDP has only a few commands.

  • -a ... Add to package
  • -c ... Create package
  • -k ... List files
  • -x ... Extract package
  • -? ... Help

Its usage is quite intuitive.

GUI IDP Viewer

With IDP Viewer you can easily manage your .idp and .mcb files from within GUI.

Create two links in SendTo menu

  • Create Archive.lnk (idpview.exe -c)
  • Open Archive.lnk (idpview.exe)

You can also asociate .idp and .mcb files with IDPView.exe to open them in IDP Viewer.

Internal to IceWarp Server

IceWarp Server makes use of IceWarp Data Packager (IDP) in Catalog accounts to save some space and to send whole folders as attachment. When user recieves an attachment compressed by IDP he/she can simply decompress it again by IDP utility.

COM Object Interface

For scripting there is also a COM object for IDP apart from the command line tool, so IDP can be embedded in your applications.