User In Control

User-driven spam management offers the highest level of privacy, because no other party is involved in the decision process. Spam reports make the spam sorting much less tedious, while providing full control of the actions taken and access to quarantined messages queue. Messages can be tagged in Subject and sorted to Spam folder, so that users can continue to use whitelisting rules established in their email clients.

Spam reports work in any email client. Spam reports work in any email client, users of WebMail Pro will for sure prefer the built-in Quarantine controls.

Quarantine Management

End user can inspect a quarantine report sent on a daily basis and whitelist senders of messages accidentally tagged as spam. Quarantine reports are based on email address of the sender, unlike Quarantine management which allows to inspect individual messages.

  • Daily quarantine reports delivered by email
  • Actions: Authorize sender, Delete or one-time Deliver messages
  • Quarantine can be inspected and managed from WebMail
  • Messages left in quarantine are deleted on schedule
  • Authorized senders won't be tagged/challenged ever again

Spam Folder Integration

A special "Spam" folder in user's IMAP compatible mailbox can be created, and all messages marked as spam will be automatically placed into this folder. System will place only genuine email into user's Inbox while separating e-mail identified as Spam into Spam folder.

  • Integration within IMAP accounts
  • No need to create any sorting rules client-side
  • Automatic pruning of old spam
  • White/Blacklisting in WebMail by moving message into BL/WL folder
  • Server-side B/W lists and rules work for any IMAP email client
  • Learn Rules to index typical messages incorrectly tagged
  • Remove option from global blacklist/whitelist

Message Tagging

Messages can be tagged by a custom string added to Subject, so that it's apparent that a message is spam. Message can be also tagged by adding X-Spam header to e-mail source. Any of these indicators can be used to establish custom spam sorting rules in user's desktop client, or reused by content filters.

  • Tag message by word in Subject
  • Tag by adding X-Spam header
  • Tag by adding human readable Content Analysis to body
  • Ways of tagging can be extended by content filters
  • Subsequent processing by email client rules