Anti-Spam Protection

Spam, UBE or abusive email represents 90 billion messages per day, accounting for more than 70% of all email traffic. Research firm The Radicati Group forecasts the spam percentage to increase to 82% by 2011 despite all efforts. It's estimated that spam accounts for about two-thirds of corporate e-mail traffic, which makes corporate IT staffs face extra costs, resources and security risks. Phishing has rapidly grown its share to nearly 80% of all email-borne threats, greatly exceeding executable malware such as viruses.

Time to take control.

Processing flowchart shows some of the Anti-Spam subsystems Processing flowchart shows some of the sophistication behind anti-spam internal logic. Its modular design allows fast adoption to new spamming methods.

Cutting Edge Technology

IceWarp Anti-Spam is a complete solution approaching 100% accuracy. It is the most developed subsystem, practically on a daily basis the engine is improved to handle the latest spammer tricks. New rules, spam signatures and engine changes are downloaded and installed transparently through AutoUpdate technology, in response to the ever-changing spamming methods.

  • 97% accuracy on average
  • Low false positives rate
  • 20+ technologies: SpamAssassin, Bayesian, RBL, URIBL/SURBL...
  • AutoUpdates
  • Multiple spam management scenarios
  • Manual, semi-automatic, user-driven processing
  • Multiple spam actions: reject, delete, quarantine, tag, sort


To reduce false positives rate without decreasing Anti-Spam efficiency, email from unknown senders which cannot be clearly deemed spam or ham can be quarantined. Manual spam processing means that the end user can inspect a quarantine report sent on a daily basis and whitelist senders of messages accidentaly tagged as spam. Semi-automatic processing can be achieved by deploying Challenge Response- senders of quarantined messages will need to authorize themselves by completing C/R confirmation.

  • Daily quarantine reports by email
  • Details shown include Subject, From, Date/Time
  • Works with any HTML capable email client
  • Not message but sender based
  • Actions/Voting links to Authorize sender, Delete or one-time Deliver messages
  • Users can manage and inspect Quarantine from WebMail
  • Semi-automatic management with Challenge Response
  • Messages left in quarantine are deleted on schedule
  • Authorized senders won't be tagged/challenged ever again

Auto Whitelisting

Automatic building of whitelists allows to tighten email delivery by engaging all available Anti-Spam technologies, without the fear of losing an important message. Closed working groups can achieve 100% spam-free email without much effort. Messages from your business contacts and people you've been in touch with will never be tagged as spam.

  • Addresses emailed to by any user
  • Senders authorized by Challenge Response
  • Quarantine senders authorized by user/admin
  • WebMail Address Book and shared Outlook contacts
  • Jabber IDs from Instant Messaging client roaster
  • Senders of email moved to Whitelist Filter folder in WebMail
  • Senders of email sent to special whitelist learn-rule address

Email from whitelisted addresses will be delivered straight to user's mailbox, completely bypassing anti-spam processing.

Integration Benefits

  • Multi-layer protection: from protocol to user level
  • One place administration and maintenance
  • No integration steps, works immediately
  • Low-cost alternative to filtering appliances
  • MDA processing filters 1000s of messages without impact on message delivery
  • Customizations to specific languages and individual needs
  • AutoWhitelisting not available with middleware products