Administrator In Control

Continuous server surveillance is often the best protection against spam attacks. Administrator can notice from server statistics, service alerts or global quarantine and ban the senders by multiple means. Detailed reporting and logging is useful after installation to tune the Anti-Spam engine to best performance, without the need for further maintenance.

Quarantine controls integrated in Administration GUI Quarantine can be accessed and managed from remote using Administration GUI, WebAdmin or WebMail Quarantine controls.

Quarantine Management

Centrally managed quarantine for all users or users of a domain is useful to prevent false positives after Anti-Spam deployment, before the engine is configured to specific conditions and message patterns. Administrator can inspect the quarantined messages and authorize senders from within Administration interface.
Semi-automatic Quarantine management using Challenge Response can be deployed to build whitelists and then turned off.

  • Administrator can manage a global Quarantine for all users
  • Domain Administrator can manage Quarantine for whole domain
  • Spam Queue Manager in Administration GUI or WebAdmin: sort, filter, view, control
  • Mutliple actions: Whitelist/Blacklist/Deliver/Delete
  • Semi-automatic management through Challenge Response

Score System

Whole Anti-Spam module is based on score. It means that every Anti-Spam method and each option scores up the total message score and at the end this score is analyzed. According to this resulting (total) score the message can be marked as spam, quarantined, moved to IMAP folder, deleted or a text can be added to its subject. The treshold values are freely adjustable.

  • Settings templates with 3 predefined detection levels
  • Required score adjustable by slider settings
  • Multiple spam actions: reject, delete, quarantine, tag, sort

Powerful Reporting

Reports can be written as X-Headers, attached to the original message or included as Content Analysis to body, so you can immediately see which filters were applied on it within e-mail client. You can define own filters along with a description and fully customize what will appear in the report. Other than that, there are two levels of Anti-Spam logging. This is all of great importantance for tuning of the Anti-Spam settings.

  • X-Header or attachment reports
  • Tests, score, filter results with human readable reasons
  • Two-level logging
  • SpamAssassin rule global hits statistics

Spam Administrator

You can delegate special administrator(s) who will have access to users' Spam (and only Spam) folders. He can look through them for false positives (genuine messages marked as spam) and move them back to the user's Inbox.

  • Access restricted to listed users' Spam folders
  • Can access all domain's users Spam folders
  • Possibility to whitelist senders
  • Can be fully replaced by Quarantine management