Merak Email Server: Separated IP address for domains


Merak Email Server developers have implemented long-awaited and requested feature - separate IP address and hostname for domain binding. This feature is designed to force outgoing e-mail messages from certain domains to be from certain (defined) IP address or addresses.

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PRAGUE 02/02/2006: While creating a domain in Merak Email Server, you can set the hostname and IP address that will match the particular domain. These values are used during SMTP communication in MAIL FROM command. Email Server administrators and also spam-fighters can take advantage of this - an simplified variation of SPF (Sender Policy Framework), without actually having to put in any additional DNS records. The SMTP session participant is now fully identifed, while stating associated IP addressess that are authorized to send email messages from the domain.

Using server hostname for a domain is also fundamental. Many servers IP addresses are associated with a DNS machine name. The presence of "Reverse DNS", which allows the machine name to be retrieved from the IP address, can represent a way of proofing the real location of the e-mail message coming in.

That is why, these addtional domain features provide the capability prevent spammers sending e-mail claiming to come from your domain, while it is impossible for them to simulate IP that is associated with.

Hostname Enter the hostname that is to be associated with certain domain.

IP address Enter the IP address or IP range that is to be associated with certain domain.

Beware of the domain IP binding on the mail server unless you want the desired functionality. Incorrect setting might reflect in an inability for users to login to webmail and in inability to send&receive e-mail messages.