Merak Email Server: Account Maintenance Log


All account and domain management activities are logged.

Full text

PRAGUE 04/27/2005: Among quite a lot improvements and new features added to Merak Email Server in version 8.4 is account maintenance log. Account and domain maintenance log simplifies administrators and domain administrator life and meets security and archiving requirements of any modern company.

Once enabled in Global Settings - Accounts tab, as on the screenshot below, the logging takes place noting and registering all account/domain maintenance operations performed within the mailserver. The logging engine watches out for account creation, update of any option, deletion and the same for all domains hosted. The importance of such behaviour is obvious; nowadays, with growing threat of spam and mail abuse, a corporate mailserver needs to be under complete control and all operations need to be logged and archived.

The logs are saved in standardized format (YYYYMMDD.log for example 20060427.log) into \logs\maintenance\ folder.

The example of a log can be

SYSTEM          [1360] 10:29:28 'System' updated '' 
SYSTEM          [1360] 10:29:39 'System' updated '' 
SYSTEM          [1360] 10:30:00 'System' created '' 
SYSTEM          [1360] 10:31:29 'System' deleted ''   
SYSTEM          [1360] 10:31:42 'System' created ''