Merak Email Server: Mail Archive Tool


Tuned up version of Mail Archive Tool, integrated in every Merak Email distuibution for free!

Full text

PRAGUE 05/27/2006: Merak Email Server in new version of 8.4 introduces upgraded and improved version of Mail Archive Tool (previously knows as Email Archive). The improvements are radical. What used to be email archive - just a additional form of simple message archiving - is now comprehensive centre for complete mail archiving with lots of options, backup possibility and advanced scheduling.

The improvements mainly cover following:

  • archive received and sent messages or just received ones
  • archive all domains or archive selected domains only
  • archive backup based on schedular basis

The Mail Archive tool can be reached through Merak Email for Microsoft Windows administration console or equivalently through web-based administration (the webadmin) that is available to both Microsoft Windows and Linux Merak distributions. It is located in System -- Tools subnode.

With Merak Email Server you do not need any other archiving solution, you have this free integrated Mail Archive tool, that can cover all your needs in this field. In some countries, there is a law obliging to archive all corporative correspondency for a specified time period. Again, you can take advantage of all-in-one Merak Email Archive Tool that comes with the support of "Delete older archives than specified number of days", so you can drop archiving out of your planners completely.