Hands-free Database Migration

PRAGUE 16/08/2006

IceWarp integrates a completely automatic Database Migration Tool within Merak.

By default, Merak Email Server uses an MS Access database. At some point you may want to move to a more "industrial-strength" database.
Perhaps your User base has grown and MS Access is proving too slow.
Maybe you have already moved to MySQL but corporate policy insists you use MS SQL Server.
Whatever the reason, and whatever the database systems, the migration process is now automatic and seamless.

Found in the Tools node of Merak, you specify the Source DSN, the Destination DSN and just push the button.

Merak will interrogate the Source Database, identifying all tables that need to be migrated. It will create these tables on the new database, then copy all the records over. Once all the tables are migrated the DSN is automatically switched within Merak so you are instantly using your new database system.

The whole process is fully logged, showing the start of each table migration and the number of rows migrated for each table.